Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me & Mush.

So it's me & Mush this coming weekend, for sure. I'm getting the keys tomorrow. Me & a dog, that's the reality of this holiday. Oh well, life could be worse. Kirsten is super happy that I'm taking care of the dog. I mean, I don't have anything spectacular planned anyway, so it doesn't matter.

When it's a holiday, I wish that time was turned back. It's not a possibility though so it's me & Mush, a half-sleeping 9 year old gigantic Malamute. So I can be found walking around Prospect Park in Brooklyn with this half-sleeping dog. She likes to sit a a lot so I said to Kirsten that I might simply do it "Mush style" of hanging and just sit around with the dog and talk to her, haha.

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