Friday, June 5, 2009

The mood is going UP!

I'm just smiling! I'm in an excellent mood! I finished my week at work and just felt happy. Had a slight no-patience-attack at my computer and the server that just worked slooooooooooow at work and people kept giving me more & more work that kept building up to a gigantic monster. Finally the idiot computer started working after a crash, the whole screen went black and I restarted it the 4th time in a day. I have no idea where on earth the found this Mac but it's not working!

I just realize when I work now, how much I have learnt over the years. The small talk, office politics and just making friends with everyone. Always interested attitude no matter what the topic is. Smile. Getting stuff done fast. Elevator talk with strangers and everything else that is so American but oh so the key to getting somewhere.

Oh! Haha! Today I saw Tommy Hilfiger - in person! He just passed by me. Not kidding, my building apparently has some celebrities coming and going. I was on the way in from lunch and I see Tommy Hilfiger coming out from the elevator and this man who apparently was hosting Hilfiger's visit felt a need to shake his hand and greatly appreciate him for coming by in the middle of the elevator when people where walking in. Pretty cool though. I felt like a complete nerd though when Hilfiger looked at me and I just wanted to point a finger and say: "I know who you are!" My co-worker said that they have several celebrities and well-known people in this building. More to come I guess!

Spent my Friday evening at a very male oriented sport bar with Kirsten, haha. Had fries and mozzarella sticks & beer. The bartender was apparently very entertained by the two of us that were completely out of place but not caring at all. It was the closest place we could find in the rain without getting soaked. Got a t-shirt with a reverse print from Kirsten.

Times are good right now. Tomorrow I'm hanging out with Tina. Not really sure what we are dong but something. The rain just need to stop, it's June for crying out loud! It should be excellent weather and no rain! I need to plan my summer, fix my visa and just get things up and running.

Today I also recruited a new attorney, the same one that helped to report my old attorney. So now I have someone to do a killer visa additional evidence case for me. Hell no, I'm not giving up now. I'm going all the way. It's time to get somwhere and I got a job in a recession in a country with currently 9.4% unemployment.

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