Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rain, rain and more rain.

Spent my day with Emma 4 years old. She even made me a painting. I am going to put this painting on our fridge. It will be nice. Should seriously continue with this babysitting for as long as possible. It's super easy and after some hours I have made the spending money for a week.

I'm so sleepy. It's all because of this gray weather and rain that never stops. Feeling weird today. I really don't want it to be Monday tomorrow. I feel like I never get to sleep.

My mind wants to be somewhere else, but I'm here. I guess it really wouldn't matter where I am right now. My head would still be spinning in crazy directions. Some things just need time. I hate when stress is starting to take me over. I can't focus on anything how much I even want to. Ok, relax is what I'm going to do right now.

Oh! I saw that my niece is going to Roskilde, a Dannish music festival. had to go on Roskilde's website to see what bands are coming this year. Time goes so fast. I was at Roskilde '00, '01 and '02. It was a weird and funny experience. I got tapes from all those festivals with strange interviews with friends, new found friends and just randomness. I think what I remember most from that time was when Jocke ran a speed race between all tents and pulled up all tent strings, haha. Funny, but not popular.... Also the hippie trap, the rain of like 2" in mine & Ylva's tent one year.... Never stopped raining that year. Memories. Should I go to a music festival again? Not really. I seriously can't deal with all the dirt for a week. Camping for a few days maybe, but a week.... I seriously would kill myself. I have a feeling that the convenience level compared to when I was early 20 is a little bit higher. I wouldn't mind camping in the Stockholm's skargard though, that would be nice and less dirty.

Enough of these random thoughs. I have check the letter from my attorney.

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