Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting to know the stories from DEEP under...

I know, I'm against gossiping but I was just casually talking with my co-worker today. We're getting really great friends now! She even looked at me today before we left and made a face that said it all: "Here we go again..... Changes and CONFUSION!" These people can seriously NEVER make up their mind.

Anyway, I got to know some really juicy stories about a certain someone and oh my. Let's just say that some people NEVER grow up no matter what age they are. This explains the confusion with this place, oh yes. America America and their culture.... I say no more.

Me and my co-worker are also into talking about her guy that she for the moment is dating. The guy seems like a complete *** hole. Apparently they have known each other for 7 years and all of a sudden after dating for a while he just disappeared and is completely ignoring her even though she is reaching out. This girl got attitude and well, you don't mess with her. Have a feeling that he's afraid, lol. When are guys going to get it that we do not get mad because of what is being said but because of disappearing behaviour, not being able to communicate and honesty? Seriously, get with the program here guys. It's not that hard.
Haha, after some talks about this guy I just went: "Earthquake! That's what is needed! Same thing as yesterday for you! Earthquake!"
She started laughing: "Earthquake, you're crazy! You & your earthquakes!"

Also my co-worker did say this today: "I'm so sick of this place, I seriously need a vacation. If I go somewhere else and get a job I would take you with me. This is great having you here. Things are actually getting done. The girl before, took 2 months to get anything done if it ever got done."
Not that I'm going anywhere but I'm appreciated for my work. Go me! I'm a pretty good and hard-working team member that has made an impression after just 1 1/2 months, I guess. Have a feeling that my relaxed and weird stuff that come out of my mouth sometimes also entertains my co-worker, haha.

Today my company also got a new license. Now we got 2 lines. More people? No no, just more work.......... Me & the Technical Designer, a Chinese speaking woman in her 40's, are also getting buddies. She's actually awesome, even though I probably just understand 75% of what she is saying, haha. Great person to work with though. Me and her have a system how to keep all our 100 tech packs and specs in order and no mistakes. Hell no that I'm getting yelled at for forgetting to update something, and so is she. We're going to make our confused boss organized, if it's possible, haha.

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