Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lucia in NYC....

Went to see Lucitag on Manhattan. I'm not really a church person and don't have any real interest of the Swedish Church in New York. Mostly 50+ years people with that organization, at least that's my impression. Anyway they organize Lucia each year and after more than 6 years in this city I have never been. Finally went! Completely overpriced tickets, but whatever. This only happens once a year.

My Lucia craving problem and getting-a-holiday-feeling-issue is solved. Next week there is even a holiday party at work, with singing! Then I definitely will get the holiday feeling up and running. Then all I need to complete my holiday spirit is a light reindeer, big as a grand danois, to put in my apartment. That light reindeer will make my roommate to completely believe that I lost my mind, but that is more than fine. We need a light reindeer in the apartment.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My boss is trying to communicate... Like the "cool" kids.....

Today I came to my desk and found my boss' book on my desk with the following yellow post-it:

"Don't 4-get to update my book.."

4-get? What on earth! She is so not the type that would write something like that. This lady likes high-heels, lipstick and working on herself. "4-get" is so not her word. I'm entertained! My slightly confused boss is trying to connect with me using language, that she believes is from my generation, lol. Should I add that I never write 4-get or gr-8 or some weird world like that. Who does that?! Apparently my boss believes that I write words like that. LOL. 50+ age people communicate with the rest of the world, hilarious.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gingerbread house..

Yay! Finally the gingerbread house got made. Not my own designed house, pre-cut gingerbread house from IKEA. No time for making a real house for the moment so pre-cut is the deal. Still a gingerbread house though!

Pre-cut it is....
All put together...
Decorating process started...
Haha, FOCUSED it it!
Decorating from above...
Result... Ok?

Spice up your Thursday!

Yeah hey hey! Spice up your Thursday with a nice dinner!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gingerbread house!

Haha! My mom forwarded me a recipe from my grandma to make a gingerbread house. Apparently the same recipe was used '94 and '95 to make one of my in-famous gingerbread houses. So funny! Old-school torn out page from one of my grandma's magazines at that time.

Unplugging myself or something.

Days like this are both good and bad. I wake up, way later than I planned. Feel like someone hit me in the head. Completely unplugged myself from being focused and going on super speed. It's like my whole body knows it's Saturday.

I get nothing done, I don't want to do anything. I just do random things. Looking things through, checking things, talking on my phone.... Just enjoying the moment of not having anyone saying my name again and again and again and giving me 3 million things to do: "Linda, can you do this?", "Why is this not done?", "When will this be done?", "Can you come into this meeting?", "Did this get sent out?", "Why is this like this?"....blah blah. All these questions, stress, speed, speed, SPEED. Don't get me wrong here, I love speed but when things just start to pile up without control at work and we get pushed to absolute MAX my head feels it. Soon I feel that I'm going to reply: " I just got two arms so until I grow 14 arms, this has to take the time it takes." Period.

Whatever. Things goes in waves. Right now things are UP HERE though. It's not even funny. Lunch? That's not even on the schedule.

We got a new freelancer at work that is Japanese btw. (Guess if I already started to get to know her, haha... Japanese person! Of course!). She came up to me and my co-worker when we were talking Friday, saying with her very Japanese accent: "It's A LOT of things to do here." We just looked at her, smiled and said: "Welcome to the club!"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spice up your life on a Sunday!

In Park Slope on a Sunday evening at Steinhof - things look like this! Spice up your life in November with some hang out!
From left: Fabulous Kirsten, Me making a funny face & Skinny Costa Rican Man Gabie. LOL.
Kelly is the photographer, and 3 other people attending the random Sunday gathering are not in the photo. Mushie, the big doggie, unfortunately did not attend. She stayed at home sleeping with all her fur.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Roosevelt Island Tram..

Took the tram from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island and back again. Never been to this little island located between Manhattan and Queens. Pretty calm island.... They did have a Starbucks, a Duane Reade and a regular grocery store though, lol. Took a walk in the dark and shot some nice photos. Had some great talks and a nice snack.

That tram is a bit scary though! You're up in the air in that little box, hanging on a wire and you see the cold and dark water right under you. Oh well, at least I could say that I have taken the tram now... Mission accomplished! : )

Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan Skyline...

Friday, October 30, 2009

This week's stupidity at my job...

I was walking into the showroom at work and I see a bunch of slightly weird looking kid mannequins in our reception. One mannequin is making like an Egyptian move..... The other kid mannequin is doing some wannabe Karate Kid move.... In my head I'm like... "What on earth?"... Keeping quiet about it and go back to my desk. M passes by mine and F's desk with the comment: "Did anyone see the new kids that we got placed out there?"
I don't even turn around and just lift up my arms in an Egyptian move. I turn around and I see my co-worker sitting next to me making a Karate Kid move: "The one in the window!"
The three of us start to cry of laughter. F goes: "Where did they get those from? And what's up with the way they stand?"
That was the best moment of the week! We were crying of laughter for 15 minutes. So funny! Seriously, so weird looking kids mannequins. The owner thought it was great though. Heard one of them say: "This looks great! Isn't it perfect?"
This company could seriously make their own reality show, for real.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cooking projects are back in business!

Look look look! Made a Swedish Smörgastårta for dinner! I'm not all responsible by myself for this creation but I feel that my contribution of cutting half an onion, mixing the stuff to put inside the sandwich cake and decorating are good.... Also comments like: "No, no, no, it needs to be like the picture!"....At least I'm a killer of pushing for stuff from my culture, make people inspired and find recipes, lol. I have been dreaming about a Smörgastårta for some years now and this was a dream come true. It just never happened that one has been made. So mission accomplished. Hurra!
Lots of stuff...
Decorating time....
Masterpiece from above!
Inside of the Smörgastårta!
Me & a Smörgastårta! Go bananas ppl!