Friday, October 30, 2009

This week's stupidity at my job...

I was walking into the showroom at work and I see a bunch of slightly weird looking kid mannequins in our reception. One mannequin is making like an Egyptian move..... The other kid mannequin is doing some wannabe Karate Kid move.... In my head I'm like... "What on earth?"... Keeping quiet about it and go back to my desk. M passes by mine and F's desk with the comment: "Did anyone see the new kids that we got placed out there?"
I don't even turn around and just lift up my arms in an Egyptian move. I turn around and I see my co-worker sitting next to me making a Karate Kid move: "The one in the window!"
The three of us start to cry of laughter. F goes: "Where did they get those from? And what's up with the way they stand?"
That was the best moment of the week! We were crying of laughter for 15 minutes. So funny! Seriously, so weird looking kids mannequins. The owner thought it was great though. Heard one of them say: "This looks great! Isn't it perfect?"
This company could seriously make their own reality show, for real.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cooking projects are back in business!

Look look look! Made a Swedish Smörgastårta for dinner! I'm not all responsible by myself for this creation but I feel that my contribution of cutting half an onion, mixing the stuff to put inside the sandwich cake and decorating are good.... Also comments like: "No, no, no, it needs to be like the picture!"....At least I'm a killer of pushing for stuff from my culture, make people inspired and find recipes, lol. I have been dreaming about a Smörgastårta for some years now and this was a dream come true. It just never happened that one has been made. So mission accomplished. Hurra!
Lots of stuff...
Decorating time....
Masterpiece from above!
Inside of the Smörgastårta!
Me & a Smörgastårta! Go bananas ppl!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Highline...

On the West side of Manhattan there is a park on an old railroad track called the Highline. Visit it during the evening. Slightly rainy but cool to see this place that I never got around to visit during the summer.
The view...
Some more view...
A blue me!
Blue light...
Making stupid moves..
Little signs...
The Hotel that goes over the Highline. Note the TINY little wall on the left side that is the only thing holding this building up on that side. Pretty cool!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to the circus....

My job, omg, today I found myself crying of laughter at my desk. The owner was out randomly walking around the office. "Linda! Linda!"
It has reached his attention that our vendor is coming back from China and we have been sending out tech packs the whole week, which now will be a waste of time. Hilarious! I shouldn't laugh about stuff like this but when I turned around and I saw 2 of my c0-workers cracking up of laughter too and one of them turning a finger against her head it just added up to the fun in the situation. No one knows what's going on at that place.

This week has been crazy town in the office. The energy in the office is going BANANAS over the top. Too much to do. Once a day I'm probably finding myself crying of laughter at my desk. These people are C R A Z Y. Sometimes I cannot keep a straight face and just start to laugh. What else can be done? Like when I get to sit next to my boss and she is on the phone with our vendor that is in China. She sits there and just go BANANAS on the phone with this confused man on the other side of the planet. "NO, NO... What? WHAT? WILLY! You are scaring me now. What did you just say? What? Can you repeat that? NO NO, that's not what I want. Say that again? You got to be kidding me?!" Including that my boss does all kind of faces and acting up like a little cartoon. Then our CRAZY secretary comes trying to find the "hidden" chocolate in a drawer. Some weirdo conversation starts and in my head I'm just: "Is this for real?! Am I watching a tv show?"

Hilarious too is when our boss talks about her husband. This man, he got a handful with her as his wife. She tells us all the crazy stuff she does and hoping to get away with. We're just cracking up of laughter.

Did I add too that my boss has "lipstick classes" with us, lol. CIRCUS. As my co-worker put in an after work mess to my phone: "Crazy freaking people." LOL. The difference with my co-worker and me though is that I see the entertaining part in this situation. She takes it more serious and gets annoyed. Who cares? Everything works in that office, it's a live episode from "The Office". Life is too short to get upset and annoyed about these people. They treat me good, I get paid every week, no one is mean (like my old boss used to be), I work short days and get to leave early almost every Friday - so I'm all content. Sooner or later I will start planning for my new adventure and until then I had a crazy and entertained time at a small growing company. What more can I ask for in this dead economy?

I should write a comedy about this madhouse. One thing for sure though is that I'm entertained.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just smiling.

I'm smiling and have been doing so for the past days. Finding myself walking around Manhattan and just sitting at work smiling being all into sending messages. Picture messages of the day is the new thing.

I'm Swedish. I got weird ways. I function in my own way. That's just how it is and I don't care. The funny thing though is that someone actually seem to like the way I function. I even told about when I was 13 years old and wrote a 2 page "agreement" with my first poodle Gregor. Gregor had shitty attitude and I was pissed... So I was convinced that if me and Gregor did a written agreement that he would cooperate. I signed the document, Gregor stamped it in ink with his paw and my mom signed as a witness. When I tell stories like that people think I'm insane. Instead I got a laugh back and entertained voice.: "You were CRAZY."

There are people like me out there. Hello! You can find anything in this city, oh yes. I love it. Now I even have a tennis coach. Winner! Soon you can find me with my new tennis racket, my new coach and me in a my Nike tennis outfit. Never too late to learn new things!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yes yes YES!

Today it came to my attention that our French roommate is moving out by the end of the month! YAY! Most people know that I'm not a huge fan of this girl and now she is moving out in - voila - 2 weeks! We need to find a new roommate asap but that shouldn't be a problem for that room.

I was on the phone with my parents when my French roommate came out and told my Taiwanese roommate that she is moving out. I got all distracted and couldn't believe my ears and got all excited! Horrible, I know, but she is so ANNOYING. No more of this playing music 2am in the morning on a Tuesday. No more random people popping up out of nowhere. No more awkward guessing if she paid rent. She is so not right for this place and next time around I want someone, and I know my other roommate also, want someone that is nicer and just tries a little bit more with the respect for everyone in the apartment.

The reason why she is moving out is that she needs more space. An apartment where she can have dinner parties and a more centered place. Therefore Manhattan is better located, Upper West Side to be correct. I could not care less! Upper West Side, East Side, Brooklyn - you name it - Her anywhere else is just exciting!

I think this is the best news in a long time! I'm excited for a new person! YAY!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Haha, I'm cracking up of laughter! I'm trying to find something in my email, without result. Instead I get stuck reading all these old emails to various people. Omg, I was pretty funny some years ago! So full of BULLSHIT about everything. Read some entertaining old emails to Ylva, then Kasper. Never got to the once between me and Martin. Lisa's I don't even want to read. Found some random once between me and my mom too. My mom and email, just that combination is entertaining. Oh btw, did I ever mention that my mom joined Facebook BEFORE my sister? Should probably add that my mom says the following about Facebook though: "That's a WEIRD website. I don't like that one. Never logging in again." OK. Guess Facebook wouldn't be successful if all people functioned like my mom?

I felt a bit like I was snooping around today.... Or not really snooping.... More happened to see a LONG email to one of out vendors from the owners and my boss..... I'm not supposed to know some things and now I do. All I was supposed to do was to clean out a crazy messy area to get some work space.... Oh well, let's just say that a lot of things are hidding in the cracks of this bananas company.

Oh! Today we had our first Birthday Celebration for Maria. Hilarious! Apparently we are now going to start to celebrate birthdays. Thank God mine is in April and hopefully this new birthday celebration is forgotten by then. Anyway, I mentioned to my boss how we used to celebrate birthdays at my old company and not relaly sure if she told the owners about that. Very strange though that this have-to-celebrate-birthdays thing came up out of nowhere.

Back to the celebration... When the owner's were playing "Happy Birthday" and that song that goes Maria something on the piano and the bongo drums, I couldn't hide my laughter and so could not the rest of my co-workers. Maria made some half stupid dance showing her appreciation, I just wanted to say: "Where on earth is my camera??" Oh my, I'm entertained! Then we ate some cupcakes and the owners were of course being half awkward and our secretary tried to promote that we should get some day off, HAHA. Circus, I'm entertained. So entertained by this. One day I will bring in a hidden camera. Moments like this make me want to write a comedy.

Ok, other stuff coming up. For sure been entertained this week and tomorrow I think I"m going to attend a Swedish thing and drink a "Mr Rufus" drink in Meatpacking District. For now my bathtube is awaiting after a long week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hyper ventilating!

It's so hot in the apartment. In reality, it's not hot it's just me that's hyper ventilating. Think I'm starting to get a cold now.

Made so much stuff to eat it's unbelievable for my lunch boxes. Made potato salad, turned out awesome. Also made gazpacho and realizes that we own a mixer. Probably belongs to my French roommate. Never seen her using it. Oh well, it's going to get well used now. This means I can start to make smoothies! How fun! Anyway, the gazpacho had a lot of garlic. I have been told this is good to eat when you are sick or is it when you are getting sick? Who cares! I just need to prevent from getting crazy sick.

Sleepy time.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not cool...

Ok, so this is not ok. I'm sick. I managed to get to the grocery store but almost thought I wasn't gong to be able to make it back. My head hurts, my throat is burning. Just want to stay in my bead watching movies hopefully feeling better soon. Ate some pizza which at least made my mood on top.

Days like this I just wish there was an instant button to press for someone to come and just take care of me. Make me breakfast, fix tea whenever I want, give me a feel-better-hug and just create a get-better-environment. Well, there is no button and there is only me and the rain. Therefore I have to go to the grocery store by myself and just hope that I get better soon.

Now some more movie and hide under the blanket. Have to make some more tea first, all by myself.

Sick is in the air...

Not feeling that well. Couldn't really sleep last night. Woke up with that my throat feels really thick and my head is hurting. Have a feeling that I'm starting to get really sick. Hopefully going to go to the store and find something to fight this. Just have to get the energy to go. Just feel like staying in the bed, my eyes hurt. Also it's slightly gray outside and almost raining.

Yesterday I saw "Defiance". Right when I started watching it, I realized that it was going to get really scary. About Jews in the World War 2 and how they survived living in the forest. Such intense moments, I couldn't even watch at certain times due to me getting to scard what would happen. Very good though.