Friday, October 16, 2009


Haha, I'm cracking up of laughter! I'm trying to find something in my email, without result. Instead I get stuck reading all these old emails to various people. Omg, I was pretty funny some years ago! So full of BULLSHIT about everything. Read some entertaining old emails to Ylva, then Kasper. Never got to the once between me and Martin. Lisa's I don't even want to read. Found some random once between me and my mom too. My mom and email, just that combination is entertaining. Oh btw, did I ever mention that my mom joined Facebook BEFORE my sister? Should probably add that my mom says the following about Facebook though: "That's a WEIRD website. I don't like that one. Never logging in again." OK. Guess Facebook wouldn't be successful if all people functioned like my mom?

I felt a bit like I was snooping around today.... Or not really snooping.... More happened to see a LONG email to one of out vendors from the owners and my boss..... I'm not supposed to know some things and now I do. All I was supposed to do was to clean out a crazy messy area to get some work space.... Oh well, let's just say that a lot of things are hidding in the cracks of this bananas company.

Oh! Today we had our first Birthday Celebration for Maria. Hilarious! Apparently we are now going to start to celebrate birthdays. Thank God mine is in April and hopefully this new birthday celebration is forgotten by then. Anyway, I mentioned to my boss how we used to celebrate birthdays at my old company and not relaly sure if she told the owners about that. Very strange though that this have-to-celebrate-birthdays thing came up out of nowhere.

Back to the celebration... When the owner's were playing "Happy Birthday" and that song that goes Maria something on the piano and the bongo drums, I couldn't hide my laughter and so could not the rest of my co-workers. Maria made some half stupid dance showing her appreciation, I just wanted to say: "Where on earth is my camera??" Oh my, I'm entertained! Then we ate some cupcakes and the owners were of course being half awkward and our secretary tried to promote that we should get some day off, HAHA. Circus, I'm entertained. So entertained by this. One day I will bring in a hidden camera. Moments like this make me want to write a comedy.

Ok, other stuff coming up. For sure been entertained this week and tomorrow I think I"m going to attend a Swedish thing and drink a "Mr Rufus" drink in Meatpacking District. For now my bathtube is awaiting after a long week.

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