Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just smiling.

I'm smiling and have been doing so for the past days. Finding myself walking around Manhattan and just sitting at work smiling being all into sending messages. Picture messages of the day is the new thing.

I'm Swedish. I got weird ways. I function in my own way. That's just how it is and I don't care. The funny thing though is that someone actually seem to like the way I function. I even told about when I was 13 years old and wrote a 2 page "agreement" with my first poodle Gregor. Gregor had shitty attitude and I was pissed... So I was convinced that if me and Gregor did a written agreement that he would cooperate. I signed the document, Gregor stamped it in ink with his paw and my mom signed as a witness. When I tell stories like that people think I'm insane. Instead I got a laugh back and entertained voice.: "You were CRAZY."

There are people like me out there. Hello! You can find anything in this city, oh yes. I love it. Now I even have a tennis coach. Winner! Soon you can find me with my new tennis racket, my new coach and me in a my Nike tennis outfit. Never too late to learn new things!

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