Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to the circus....

My job, omg, today I found myself crying of laughter at my desk. The owner was out randomly walking around the office. "Linda! Linda!"
It has reached his attention that our vendor is coming back from China and we have been sending out tech packs the whole week, which now will be a waste of time. Hilarious! I shouldn't laugh about stuff like this but when I turned around and I saw 2 of my c0-workers cracking up of laughter too and one of them turning a finger against her head it just added up to the fun in the situation. No one knows what's going on at that place.

This week has been crazy town in the office. The energy in the office is going BANANAS over the top. Too much to do. Once a day I'm probably finding myself crying of laughter at my desk. These people are C R A Z Y. Sometimes I cannot keep a straight face and just start to laugh. What else can be done? Like when I get to sit next to my boss and she is on the phone with our vendor that is in China. She sits there and just go BANANAS on the phone with this confused man on the other side of the planet. "NO, NO... What? WHAT? WILLY! You are scaring me now. What did you just say? What? Can you repeat that? NO NO, that's not what I want. Say that again? You got to be kidding me?!" Including that my boss does all kind of faces and acting up like a little cartoon. Then our CRAZY secretary comes trying to find the "hidden" chocolate in a drawer. Some weirdo conversation starts and in my head I'm just: "Is this for real?! Am I watching a tv show?"

Hilarious too is when our boss talks about her husband. This man, he got a handful with her as his wife. She tells us all the crazy stuff she does and hoping to get away with. We're just cracking up of laughter.

Did I add too that my boss has "lipstick classes" with us, lol. CIRCUS. As my co-worker put in an after work mess to my phone: "Crazy freaking people." LOL. The difference with my co-worker and me though is that I see the entertaining part in this situation. She takes it more serious and gets annoyed. Who cares? Everything works in that office, it's a live episode from "The Office". Life is too short to get upset and annoyed about these people. They treat me good, I get paid every week, no one is mean (like my old boss used to be), I work short days and get to leave early almost every Friday - so I'm all content. Sooner or later I will start planning for my new adventure and until then I had a crazy and entertained time at a small growing company. What more can I ask for in this dead economy?

I should write a comedy about this madhouse. One thing for sure though is that I'm entertained.

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