Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not cool...

Ok, so this is not ok. I'm sick. I managed to get to the grocery store but almost thought I wasn't gong to be able to make it back. My head hurts, my throat is burning. Just want to stay in my bead watching movies hopefully feeling better soon. Ate some pizza which at least made my mood on top.

Days like this I just wish there was an instant button to press for someone to come and just take care of me. Make me breakfast, fix tea whenever I want, give me a feel-better-hug and just create a get-better-environment. Well, there is no button and there is only me and the rain. Therefore I have to go to the grocery store by myself and just hope that I get better soon.

Now some more movie and hide under the blanket. Have to make some more tea first, all by myself.

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