Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lucia in NYC....

Went to see Lucitag on Manhattan. I'm not really a church person and don't have any real interest of the Swedish Church in New York. Mostly 50+ years people with that organization, at least that's my impression. Anyway they organize Lucia each year and after more than 6 years in this city I have never been. Finally went! Completely overpriced tickets, but whatever. This only happens once a year.

My Lucia craving problem and getting-a-holiday-feeling-issue is solved. Next week there is even a holiday party at work, with singing! Then I definitely will get the holiday feeling up and running. Then all I need to complete my holiday spirit is a light reindeer, big as a grand danois, to put in my apartment. That light reindeer will make my roommate to completely believe that I lost my mind, but that is more than fine. We need a light reindeer in the apartment.

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