Friday, December 11, 2009

My boss is trying to communicate... Like the "cool" kids.....

Today I came to my desk and found my boss' book on my desk with the following yellow post-it:

"Don't 4-get to update my book.."

4-get? What on earth! She is so not the type that would write something like that. This lady likes high-heels, lipstick and working on herself. "4-get" is so not her word. I'm entertained! My slightly confused boss is trying to connect with me using language, that she believes is from my generation, lol. Should I add that I never write 4-get or gr-8 or some weird world like that. Who does that?! Apparently my boss believes that I write words like that. LOL. 50+ age people communicate with the rest of the world, hilarious.

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