Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unplugging myself or something.

Days like this are both good and bad. I wake up, way later than I planned. Feel like someone hit me in the head. Completely unplugged myself from being focused and going on super speed. It's like my whole body knows it's Saturday.

I get nothing done, I don't want to do anything. I just do random things. Looking things through, checking things, talking on my phone.... Just enjoying the moment of not having anyone saying my name again and again and again and giving me 3 million things to do: "Linda, can you do this?", "Why is this not done?", "When will this be done?", "Can you come into this meeting?", "Did this get sent out?", "Why is this like this?"....blah blah. All these questions, stress, speed, speed, SPEED. Don't get me wrong here, I love speed but when things just start to pile up without control at work and we get pushed to absolute MAX my head feels it. Soon I feel that I'm going to reply: " I just got two arms so until I grow 14 arms, this has to take the time it takes." Period.

Whatever. Things goes in waves. Right now things are UP HERE though. It's not even funny. Lunch? That's not even on the schedule.

We got a new freelancer at work that is Japanese btw. (Guess if I already started to get to know her, haha... Japanese person! Of course!). She came up to me and my co-worker when we were talking Friday, saying with her very Japanese accent: "It's A LOT of things to do here." We just looked at her, smiled and said: "Welcome to the club!"

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