Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ice cream MADNESS!

I feel SICK! After x amount of Ben & Jerry's at Kirsten & Kelly's place and one Popsicle when I got home, I'm dead. So good though.

I was on the G train and this Mexican guy asked 5 times if I spoke Spanish. He got to have been my age. I just kept repeating that I don't speak Spanish and put back the headphone in my ear. Then he started asking if I was American, I answered Swedish. He was really disappointed that I didn't speak Spanish. When the trained stopped at the end stop he came up to me, took my hands and smiled to me and said: "Muy Linda" and walked away.
It wasn't even weird. I just smiled and said: "Thank you."
Little man, you made my evening.

I really feel like dancing! Life is amazing! Sun, heat, new adventures and YAY! Right now I can probably be exciting over everything. My visa additional evidence is sent in. Such a relief. I feel like something really big has fallen of my shoulders.

Spoke to M. too. I realized when we talked on the phone that I don't care anymore. I didn't shoot myself in the foot. I could get answers to all my questions but it wouldn't help. There is a whole world out there and well, I deserve someone that loves me, sees me for who I am, wants to embrace the whole world out there and not just parts of it. Wants to learn about my world, design, my culture, really take advantage of my unique personality and experience of my life. This was probably the best thing that ever could happen, so when you read this M. - THANK YOU!

It's all about the earthquake. It will happen on day, I'm a huge believer. Good Night.

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