Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm awake! It looked like it was sunny outside but then realized that it was just an illusion. Ever going to be sunny? Guess not.
I feel relaxed today. Woke up and it's such a nice feeling to know that I don't have to stress with something. No papers for a visa, no calling here & there, no nothing. I'm starting out with a nice breakfast and just enjoying the moment. Yay!

I would want to have a picnic though. Most people seem to think they are a waste of time, too much fixing and then just sit in a park and do nothing, haha. I should hunt down a Kubb! I'm on a mission to teach the Americans to play this game. Unfortunately Tina didn't have the game, the game they had was apparently Dan's so it's long gone.

Should probably also book a ticket to Sweden, but wants to wait until the outcome of the visa thing comes out in less than 2 weeks. There are two scenarios:

1) I just have to leave to country. Basically if I just cross the border to Canada and go back again and I"m good. I just need to get approval of my visa. I have my old work visa in my passport so I'm good. Just need a stamp. How am I'm going to get to Canada though? Do I really need to fly there? Walk? Drive? Oh god, if this is the scenario I feel that this can be stupidity but the easiest choice.

2) Need to travel to Sweden to go to the US Embassy to get an approval. Complete pain to do this whole travel thing. Going to cost a lot of money too. I have nothing against traveling over there but buying a ticket a few days before the traveling date is not cheap. Oh well, it's just money.

I felt nervous with this leaving my job for a few days to fly to Sweden but when the owner on Friday started to ask when I'm leaving I got excited. He remembered! Haha! It's just my weirdo boss that says that the owner doesn't remember anything. I have a feeling that he just remembers what he wants to remember, typical guy thing. On a sidenote to that, I think my boss is on the way of checking out from this job or the owner is making her checking out. This lady, oh my, her leadership skills are so not..... let's just say not on the top. I had a deadline for all my 3 million tech packs on Friday and I told my boss that there was no way in hell that this was going to happen. If I don't get disturbed during a day things get done, but when the printer collapses, people keep asking for stuff, calls, sketching at the same time - things don't get done. I told my boss that on Thursday. She had stuff she needed to check, still she is leaving! No concern that this will be done tomorrow, just saying do it Monday. OK. Friday noon she calls, stressed as hell and want to know how much we are sending out. Me and the technical designer were just shaking our heads while we talked to this lady on the phone. She doesn't come in on Fridays and gives directions on the phone, OK. So I asked her what I should do with all of this that is not going to be done. Completely quiet on the phone. "Hello?" " I'm just thinking what to tell ******* ." Meaning the owner. Crazy people! This is so not my problem. Crazy management gives crazy results, seriously. Get your butt into the office instead of spending every Friday at home if things need to get done! I'm not mad though. Me & the technical designer are seeing this like a comedy. We laugh and just shake or heads. Some things you just can't change. I mean it's not our problem and the owner knows that.

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