Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lost my mind!

I have officially lost my mind! Today I hired a new attorney, Deborah, the one that helped me report my old one. Well, I might be insane but I did mean it with that I'm going all the way. My work visa case is fixable but there is a twist to it. I have to fly to Sweden to pick up the visa. So I'm probably coming to Sweden in mid-July to pick up my new visa. I talked to my employer and he said: "We will do anything possible to solve this." Am I a superstar or a superstar?

Tomorrow I'm reporting my first attorney, meeting with a very important woman to report my case. Right now I'm typing up my complaint and I have printed out 100 pages of email conversations with my old attorney. Time to fight and report this woman, she is going down. Right should be right. Have to figure out how I'm going to present my case. Should I had been an attorney?

Soooooooooo tired. I'm seriously working my ass off but I love it. This is how it should be and I'm making really great friends with the girl sitting next to me at work. Also my boss seems to have understood that I'm a great person to give all the stuff to. She was not coming in today and usually she never calls me but this time I spent 15 minutes with her on the phone. I should probably add that I got pissed Monday afternoon about the no organisation with what I do. Seriously the girl before me, I have no clue what she was doing. Things are missing, there are no records of anything and I just wanted to scream out loud. I have two hands and this mess that they have put me on to solve is just insane. So I spoke up and told my boss that I don't work this way with no records of anything being done and that I don't keep info in my head just randomly remembering it. With that said I set up a new system and my boss now things I'm apparently good to call when she's out of the office to get things done. I have a feeling she is testing me but let's just say that I'm testing her to. Have a feeling that she realized that I argue when things are not done the right way, haha. Superstar? Yes, for the moment.

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