Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here we go!

Today is a good day! I'm seriously getting to know my co-workers. I think they really start to like me. For every day that goes I understand more and more how much I have learnt over the years. Not the skills of my job, but everything around.

So, I have talked to my boss and we have cleared out that I'm going to Sweden 13-19 July to pick up my visa. Still have to talk to the owner but he likes me so he should be easy. All I have to hope for now is that my visa petition will go through with the additional evidence. I don't know about this. I'm nervous and there is a lot of things to be nervous about. I couldn't provide all the evidence needed but my new attorney wrote a killer letter to explain the company I work for. I don't understand half of the things in the letter as it keeps referring to the law about weird stuff. As long as the owner signs this though, I'm good. I just have to keep my fingers crossed. This is being sent in on Thursday and being filed on Friday. So less than 14 days from Friday I will know my destiny................................................................................................

Haha, I went to Conway today btw. My co-worker bought new headphones at Conway so I went there too later in the day to buy a pair. I mean seriously who wants to spend money on a pair of headphones? Anyway, Conway is like Bosse Olsson or Galne Gunnar in Sweden, just 10 times worse. They sell everything that can be needed on this planet, just cheap and it's weird & dirty people in there. I was probably the only white person in the entire store. I also bought a gigantic bag with mini Snickers that didn't taste like Snickers, probably old but they were good anyway. I feel sick now though. Anyhow, on my mission to pay for my headphones and my bag with Snickers, the mission to pay involved dealing with the weirdo people at this place....
I was standing in line and one cashier waived next on the left and the lady standing next to me speeded away. Knowing that I was next! What the hell! She looked a little bit dangerous so I didn't want to argue. I was standing there again waiting for my turn and the cashier on the right said next and I moved towards that and the two black girls on the side were like: "Oh no, ma turn is up next." Didn't want to argue with that either.... Finally reached the cashier. Quite a weird mission. I'm not going to Conway again for a long time. It's dangerous. I have only been there twice before and every time it's weirdo people in there. Seriously, it's that type of place where all the stereotypes of the society comes out and it's not pretty. These Snickers are still making me sick too....urg.... My headphones are working great though! Dinner time!

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