Monday, June 29, 2009

Go to bed Linda.

As always I get distracted when I should go to bed. Once again, Martin & Adrian up to their stupidity in Stockholm. The latest is there dance movie on Youtube for their trendgiveafuck thing and a protest against people being too trendy. There first movie is funnier though, just because I started to laugh when I saw that they were laughing. I have known these guys for 10 years and many years ago they used to be called Mangakillen & Mellankatten by me. I was MÃ¥llgan. Haha, the nicknames back then that all people got invented by me, pretty funny. I still get reminded about them from people. Times like this I really wish that me & Lisa still were friends, we would laugh and laugh about these stupid memories. Oh well, we grew away from each other and there is nothing I can do about or want to do about it.

I'm not really sure if this is funny though, they might have pushed the envelope too far. I just love the idea that they are just doing their own thing though and don't care at all what people think about them. I have been out with them in Stockholm by night some years ago, and these two go bananas and like to steal the show even without their outfits, haha.

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