Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is this for real?

I'm starting to not believe my reality called life! I woke up this Saturday morning and I was tired. Completely out of it. Let's just say that Thursday and Friday at work was not they most calmest days ever. Ended in that my boss apologized on the owner's behalf. Crazy.

Anyway, I'm waking up and I'm so not feeling this. Chat on Facebook with Tina about NYC craziness when it comes to working. My co-worker sitting next to me at work is on the edge of having a nervous breakdown and I do not want to end up that way. I can handle stress but I cannot handle management that do not know what they want. So I'm not sure what I want to do with this job... Maybe I should just walk out of this situation or maybe I should stay.. Who knows.

I spent my day running around downtown Manhattan. Union Square, Broadway down and then Chinatown. Bought all the ingredients to make green papaya salad. As I no longer have access to M's fridge and I now live in my apartment full time I simply have to buy ingredients for making papaya salad. I guess buying all the ingredients is a realization that this is my life now, how boring it may seem.

Also, I had a complete twilight situation in Astoria earlier today. I stopped at Steinway street to run some errands and WHO do I run into... Catrin! Of all people that you possible can run into I have to run into her. Seriously? I haven't been to Astoria for probably more than 6 months and still I run into this girl. What the hell? So AWKWARD I thought I just wanted to kill myself. She doesn't even live close to that area of Steinway. Come on! I just got so surprised to see her and said loud when she passed by me:
She turned around, looked at me, moved her hand in an ignorant way and said: "I have to go." She SPEEDED away and I continued walking the other way. What? Was that for real? Not even a "Hi, how are you doing?" What is wrong with people?!

Mine and Catrin's friendship ended New Years '09. She was supposed to call me so we could meet up. I sent a message around dinner to her on New Years about what was going on. Reply that she didn't know. Then I got a message 11.30pm on New Years that she was on the was to Sparrow. I sent a mess back: "Eh, maybe a little bit too late? I have been out for some hours now."
Then I found out that she had been out many hours earlier doing stuff without letting me know. What? I mean if someone doesn't want to hang out with me, just tell me! How hard can it be?? Are we 5 years old or what?! The point here is not that I was out doing something else, the point is that I was talking to her during entire December that we should do something for New Years. I suggested dinner as she didn't want to go out, but that apparently that wasn't good enough. But hanging out with other people, that apparently worked! Anyway, I got tired of our friendship where I was the only one that tried. I shouldn't be the person that always calls and when I did, I got to listen to her. I listened and supported her when she was unemployed, had visa issues and broke up with her boyfriend after 5 years. Where on earth was she for me in December '08? Definitely not supporting me! Instead of listening I got told that: "This is the situation, deal with it."

I'm an awesome person when people are my friend. I listen, I support, I suggest, I help.... For Catrin I did that and I just felt that I got slammed in the face. I'm not mad at her though. I still think we can maintain out of courtesy a nice attitude if we run into each other on the street. Apparently not. God, what have I done to this planet to be punished like this for the past 1 1/2 month? I just wonder.

To top of this day I was at Kinkos and a crazy guy came attacking me: "HI! You look like a professional person! I need to send a fax to this job I did an interview for and I sent a thank you note to the wrong address and I'm now trying to fix this. Do you want to read the fax I'm sending?"
"Eh, ok..."
I read it, couldn't really get it as I still was so confused about this Catrin thing and I was in the middle of sending a mess to Tina. He went on and on and on and on and on about this fax that he needed to send. Then he went crazy running around Kinkos believing he lost his debit card. A loud noice like a fire alarm started going off and the copy machine didn't collaborate with me the first time. I got my copies and left, enough of this craziness. No more Astoria for a while.

I have been saying this to Kirsten several times. I should write a comedy about my life. Something always happens, it's never smooth!

Now I'm going to make Green Papaya Salad and watch "Anne Frank". I'm sick of this craziness so I'm signing off from this day. I need to relax. It's raining, gray and cold outside. No need to go bananas and do something. Hopefully a better day tomorrow. Pls?

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