Monday, June 22, 2009

Some people just haven't discovered technology....

Today I have taught my boss how to use the copy machine. Not kidding. She didn't know how to change the scale of something. So I taught her about the function of "Copy Ratio" and how to get what's in the copy machine to become, let's say, 20% smaller. Wow.

Also, my boss has slight issues with Internet. The other day she typed in the the same website twice and was asking how come the website didn't work...... Ok.

My boss also thinks that I should fix the printer. It gave up on life today. Started blinking "Switch on/off" and my boss was wondering where my solution was for that. Hm. Do I look like a technician? It has done this before.

I thought my mom was behind with computers & Internet but compared to this she is a superstar! Seriously! My mom has even joined facebook and knows how to use MSN Messenger. For my boss she still doesn't understand what our server is.....

Other than that we have today been refused to get an intern. According to the owner "we over there" (meaning design) don't do enough work anyway, so there is no need for an intern. Ok.

Crazy people. God Night. I'm passing out. Hanged out with Kirsten at a bar eating unhealthy food & drinking beer. Lovely start of the week.

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