Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hello old people!

I invited Christian to come to Stockholm if I'm there! Haha! FUN! Haven't seen him for 7 years. This is crazy! I have those random people all over the world that I sometimes reconnect with and need to see. We have been trying to see each other for many years. I was supposed to come to Berlin, he was supposed to come to NY sometime but I was pissed at him so he didn't come many years ago.

Anyway, this is my old neighbor from Paris. He lived on the 8th floor and me on the 7th. I was always super busy in Paris but when I sometimes had a free window we hanged out. Used to have a thing for hanging out in the hallway for hours and talk. We even lived together for a week or something when he moved out of his apartment.

Not really sure if my parents will think it's so fun to have one of my old friends visiting, haha. Oh well, I can't go to Berlin so well, deal with it. Might not happen so might just skip this. Probably more fun to hang out in NYC and I can focus on hanging out with my Swedish friends and family while in Sweden.

I did offer Christian though that he could camp in Sweden while there, haha. As all German people do like "allemansratten" I though he should just bring a tent. My parents backyard and a tent? Haha. He was not entertained by the camping deal. I thought it was pretty funny though..... Oh well. I guess it's just me that likes to make fun of the sterotypes of German people.... I mean this could be funny! Me waking up, looking out of the window and see a tent and I could wave to poor Christian sleeping in a tent in the backyard. This is mean, enough.

Grrr! I so wish I had time to do everything I want to do! I really want to go to Australia and visit Maiko too! Not happening right now though. All I should focus on is my job. That's it! Making money, working, planning for the future. 2010 will be the year for change and go bananas!

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