Sunday, June 14, 2009

Earplugs next!

My slightly annoying French roommate is playing all various music on the loudest level ever. WOW! Right when I wrote that she turned off the music! YAY! Oh no... Here we go again. Now apparently it's French music. I guess she gave up on the Hip Hop.

For some reason I can't stand this girl. She is driving me insane. Probably because she is manipulative and pushy as hell. Still not forgiving her for that time she paid rent 10 days later either and I got to deal with the landlord.

Anyway, I'm going to bed soon and this music is going to go on for some time. Consideration for other people? That's really not her strongest side. I so wish she could just move but I guess in these economic times we can be happy that we have a normal (somewhat) roommate. Should I tell her to turn down the music? I really don't want to deal with her. She seems slight crazy today.

Me and my roommate Joanna have been watching our French roommate from the couch in the living room with fascination. This girl is weirdness on top level, seriously. I'm a bit entertained by Joanna. I know her so well and can read her face. She looks towards the kitchen when the French girl comes out and her face says it all: "What on earth is she up to now? " She always has a weird project going on. Today it's loud music and weird banging at random places on the walls from her room..... OK.

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