Monday, June 29, 2009

Ok, I get it, but pls!

I get it, MJ is dead and people think this is horrible. Me too, but seriously, enough of Michael now! Wherever I go it's Jackson's music. In the cab, the elevator, in the deli and even in the office. The owner loves music and likes to play the same radio station again and again.... They keep repeating the same songs. We know them inside out now. Sometimes he switches to a cd, which we by now know inside out. It's all lovesongs. I thought it was only me that was THROWING up over all the lovesongs and slow as hell songs..... "Lady in red", ""Truly Madly Deaply"... Not to forget "Bridge over trouble water". Last week my co-worker next to me just went: "Linda, do you like this music?"
"Eh, a little too much love songs."
"I'm going insane! I even told **** to find a way to turn down the loud speaker in our area. It's THE SAME songs every day."
"Haha, you're not the only one! I allerigic to "Lady in Red" by now!"

Now they have started to play MJ's songs on the owner's piano while his partner plays on the bongo trums. Not kidding, we have musical instruments in the office that they play on every day making mini concerts for buyers and guests or just entertaining themselves. Haha, whoever said that men in the 50's and 60's ever grow up? I have a feeling that if these two were asked how they live life they would say something like: "I like to live life according to the work hard and play hard deal". Jahapp.

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