Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reality goes BANANAS!

Yesterday was just..... random. Today I woke up confused in my bed and the first thing I did was checking my phone. Yes, it did happen. I checked my bag and found the little piece of paper with a phone number & email. So it did happen. I thought I was dreaming this whole thing!

Me and Tina had decided to meet up in Williamsburg at 8pm. Dinner. When it's 3pm I get a message on my cell from that girl Liv, that I met 3 weeks ago through Kirsten's friend. Liv was apparently on the way to Manhattan to check out Topshop. I met up with her a bit later in the city. Turns out that we get along great, walked Broadway down and talking about random stuff.

I'm on the way of leaving when Liv asks if I want to join and meet up with her Swedish/American boyfriend and his Japanese friends. That's how I end up in East Village at Japanese restaurant with 15 japanese people and 2 Swedes. Beer, sake, suchi, kimchi floating around the table. These people went all the way. Starting buildning castles with the sake glases and in the end had a bill for $700. Crazy!

I was trying to invite Tina and her friend to come over but they wanted to stay in Williamsburg. So never ended up meeting her and instead hanging with these Japanese people. Some weirdo did his card tricks and another one dressed in Hawaii shirt and straw hat just went bananas. Went to a new place with outdoor space and hanging out there instead.

At my phone I also have a random message from unknown number saying Wednesday, 9.35pm, Washington Square Park. Whatever that now means? Am I supposed to be there?

When I was on the way home I ended up meeting this woman, probably my age, and we sat at the sidewalk talking about life & idiots. Crazy. Right now I'm just meeting random people. NYC by night, you never now what will happen. All I was supposed to do yesterday was to have dinner with Tina in Williamsburg, some hang out and instead this happened. I have a feeling that I will do more than well in the next months. I'm back and I have been so not me for the past year. This is who I am and I'm never going to compromise myself again to the extend to lose myself.

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