Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday stupidity.

Haha, I know that I'm getting in a really good mood when weird stuff come out of my mouth. My boss was out again so it was me & my co-worker. I was going to show something to her and my shoe hit her drawer with a noice. I go: "Ouch!"
My co-worker goes: "Did you hur yourself?!"
"No, I'm just making sound effects how the shoe is feeling, it got hurt and it can't talk."
She starts laughing: "You're crazy!"

Also the owner now makes a turn around my desk every day asking something about my work and then adds:
"Did you hear something from the lawyer?"
"Nope, not yet."
I think the owner feels that his company is getting a higher status by having a European person working in the office, haha. Whatever, works for me. I'm just being nice, smiles and do my best. It seems to be working great.

Other than that it's me & Mush this coming weekend, the dog. I'm not really sure about this. I have been offered to spend my weekend with this dog in Kirsten & Kelly's apartment next to Prospect Park. It's a supernice area. The dog is a little bit on its' own planet and I really wanted to go somewhere else as I have Friday off from work but well, no plans so I guess it's me and the dog. They are supposed to pay me so I guess that's good. I'm so ADVENTURE right now though! I feel so comfortable with everything and things just happen. I know this would happen. When my work stopped going out over my whole life and I started to just say NO when things are just not possible. Stand up for myslef, but still doing my best. Also just being me and realizing that it's more than enough. I'm a very likeable person, haha.

Celina sent some photos from Saturday at the Met.

Haha, my facial expression is just funny.

Walking around.

Yeah hello.

Excellent exhibiton.

Celina broke the rules and took photos, haha.

She managed to take a photo again, haha.

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