Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spontaneous evening!

Celina called me up at 4pm and asked if I wanted to join and see the " The Model as a Muse" exhibition at the Met. Why not? So we met up at 6.30 pm. Such a great exhibition! Both me and Celina loved it! GORGEOUS photos and basically the whole history of models from the 40's to now. They had built sections of different times in history. Had garments from those times and talked about supermodels of that time.

Ended the evening with a late dinner in Ktown eating some Korean food. Celina is leaving soon. Mid-August. So sad, but understanding. Apparently she was able to transfer her job from NYC to Korea so now she will work there instead at the Korea office. I can still come visit.

Met stairway. I love the interior of this museum.


Found a little room with gorgeous details. Celina was like: "Where are you going?" "Come on! I like small rooms like this! COME ON! Look!" It was like walking into another world.

Horse butts.

Walking around trying to find the actual exhibition we were going to see.

Celina and me.
An internship at Bill Blass in 2004 and so different personalities joined us. This is the person that followed me through visa struggles over the years and listened for hours when crazy stuff happened. Without a friend like this you are simply not going to survive in this city.

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