Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The owner signed the letter! I was a little bit nervous when he wanted to read through the 4 pages that the attorney wrote. It's all just bullshit or not really, just very.... exactly what the visa people want. Well, if that's what have to be done, that's just how it is. Anyway, the owner came back to my desk with the papers and said: "If I could write like that, I would had been an attorney."
So the owner was impressed and signed it without a question. Got the two signatures and dropped it off at the law office on Park Avenue some hours later. All the papers are being sent in tomorrow and that's it! Now it's just to wait and then to tell the owner that I need to travel to Sweden in like 2 1/2 week, haha. Should be fine though. This man has serious respect for me and my skills for building tech packs, haha. Never ever thought that those years of training at my old job and being "the expert of tech packs" would get me a job in rough job market.

He's a little bit over his head though this owner. He wants ALL the hanger info to be on the tech packs. That's just crazy. I have 20 pages with hanger info for all major department stores over the US. Anyway, my co-worker said as it was that this is dangerous business to put hanger info on tech packs as hangers change for department stores to department stores. Sooooooo, in the end this whole gigantic project with hangers turned into just a few sentences. Absolutely wonderful. All because me & my co-worker stayed calm and explained the situation. I got power everyone, I got POWER!

Also, the most important of the day. The attorney said the following about my visa petition: "You have a good chance for success". Just hope for the best I guess....

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