Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My patience is DONE! Seriously DONE with my boss. Today she yelled at me because I didn't send out color cards and didn't staple together her tech packs. What on earth is WRONG with people? I always see it this way: How you instruct and the time you give - that is the result you get.

I asked her what was supposed to be included in the tech packs. SHE WAS THERE! Still she goes bananas and take it out on me. This lady is seriously crazy or maybe extremely frustrated with her job.

Then one of our styles came in, bought for a major department store, and the spec was incorrect so the style was wrong. It's being shipped out in like 4 days.... So the owner goes bananas and starts yelling at my boss that this is what might kill us. Wow. Dramatic. In the end the owner runs of and my boss says: "Did yo use how he spoke to me? Did you see?"
Here we go again...............blah blah blah...... You're the boss, you organize and drive the team. The team has no organization, who is to blame for that? I say no more.

Anyway, in the afternoon I seemed forgiven by this woman. She got distracted. So now we are on good term with each other. She is still moody as hell though. Do I honestly really want to deal with this drama? Fashion is a wonderful world.....

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