Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have spent my evening printing out the necessary visa papers on company letterhead for the owner to sign. My printer was as always going bananas but finally decided to collaborate. Soooooooooo.... everything is done that needs to be done & can be done and now I just needs two signatures from the owner. That's it. Hopefully he will sign this. PLEASE make this go smooth and that he will sign this and that they will get back to me with a good response for this additional evidence thing once sent in.....

I shouldn't worry though. I have done everything that can be done considering the situation. If this is not meant to be, it's just how it is and I have to accept it. I'm hopeful though. This will work. Have to keep the hope on the high level. As my math teacher Maj-Britt said to David Almqvist in my math class in high school, like 1999, when in his goal for the math class was "MVG" (Very much pass) and Majsan said sarcastically: "Well, the hope that's the last thing that leaves a human being."
Majsan was a hell of a woman. Anyone that ever had her remembered her. She even told me when she found out that I was a "Bild-Estet (Art & Design Major): "What are YOU doing there? I never would had guessed that." Meaning that all art students had no skills in math and never got a good grade.

My situation is not that bad. This is going to work, I have decided that! I'm keeping the hope high!

I forgot to tell what happened with my boss today too. I talked about my visa and she started to ask about my family. I said that my family are all in Sweden and that I have lived here by myself for 6 years and before that 2 years in France. She looked at me like I was an alien:
"And you came here for what?"
"To study."
"Really? That got to be so hard...You're here by yourself?" Weird face.
"Well, most people I know have lived abroad and moved at an early age. I moved away from home when I was 19 and some I know moved when they were 15."
"Wow, got to be so hard."
"Not really. I have lived abroad for 8 years. It was hard when I was 19 but after that it's just a lifestyle. I live here."
"You don't.... like Sweden? Miss your family?"
"I used to travel back every 6 months before so it's fine. As long as I go back for Christmas to see my family, I'm good. Before I also used to have a boyfriend that was American, so that's how I ended up staying here longer. "

After that my boss treats me with so much respect that it's just unbelievable. It's like she thinks I'm an amazing person. I guess it can be concluded that I'm a super strong person, at least according to others. According to myself I'm just normal, I'm just me. You can't trust anyone and I learnt that the hard way over many, many years. Once I learnt that lesson I could do anything and I built a thick skin. I was trained in the hard school of life, it was tough, but that's is how you survive in all weathers and you get to know yourself. Even though I'm trained in a tough reality, I'm probably more human, sensitive, understanding and helpful than I ever have been at this point.

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