Friday, June 19, 2009

Another one gone....

Here we go again, Friday. I love this day as much as I hate it. My head is just D E A D after this week. I did accomplish what I was supposed to do today though. YAY! I worked my ass off and when I walked into the owner's office at noon he said: "You're done with the whole list?! GREAT JOB!"
He was super impressed and introduced me to the weirdo man that is apparently going to produce some of our garments. Seriously this man from Egypt, no idea where they found him but more sleezy guy is hard to find. You know the once that have their shirt buttoned down half way and hair sticking out, overweight and in the middle of everything this man was eating pretzels as a maniac.... For all the technical packages the owner present and I explain confusion with them this man kept saying; "No problem, no problem." I would so not belive him, all he was into was his pretzels and his phone. Weirdo! Looking forward to see how these garments will come out.........

When I do not get disturbed and my boss is out of the office things get done. I think this raised my up to the sky and I can ask the owner to sigh the letter from the attorney for my visa without an issue on Monday.

Have been talking to Celina on the phone the entire evening. She keeps getting calls from Korea, so this far during the evening she has called me back five times, for about 3 hours. She's supposed to call me back again. She traveled to Korea for business and personal for 3 weeks. She has been back for a week or so but things have been crazy. Apparently she's on a hunt for a new roommate and can't find anyone. This economy, this economy.... It never used to be this way!

Anyway, Celina is moving back to Korea in August. I'm sad about this. I have known her since Summer '04 when we interned together at Bill Blass. She is the friend I have known the longest in NYC so this is just devastating news. She invited me to come to Korea though. What did I answer? "I'm so TAKING YOU UP ON THIS OFFER right now! I'm coming in 2010! No question!"
We are going to travel to Japan too! Exciting stuff. This completely gives me energy to fight for my visa and stand 6 months at this disorganized company to make money to travel to Asia. I always wanted to go there! I know 3 people in Seoul! This is what happens when you went to an international school. You know people all over the world - I love it!

Other than that I'm feeling a little bit down about this M. thing. It always happens on Fridays. We were supposed to talk this week, guess that's not happening. I'm so not going to contact him. He has my number and I have done my efforts. I figured that whole part of talking when he got back was just a stunt from his side to cover up the situation. Really, I do understand that we no longer are together but not even a message asking how I'm doing? Are we really on that level? Did I even know this person? I guess we're not even friends.

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