Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So here I am. Sitting. Thinking again. Just ate a gigantic plate with nachos & cheese. Got to keys for the apartment to walk the doggie.

Feeling a little bit sad but it's ok. Tired from work and it just doesn't help my mood. I'm pretty surprised by myself though! I'm so GOOD DAMN cheerful at work that I'm getting afraid of myself. Always positive, always a laugh in my back pocket and just trying to solve everything.

God, sometimes I just wish changes were easy. It's not or they are it's just a matter of step by step and being patient. I'm trying to see the point but at the same time I'm tired and then I just loose it. Ok, I have to push the happy button again. Everything goes in waves and right now the wave needs to go up. I've been feeling super happy for the past weeks and need that feeling back right now. Not happening. I should just go to bed but I need to go and see the doggie.

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