Sunday, July 5, 2009


It's summer in the air! Spent the day in Prospect Park with Mushie. She seemed to really enjoy it. Taught her "roll around". In the end she was rolling around back & forth at the ground believing she would get an extra treat then, haha.

I love Prospect Park though! I want to move to an area around there. It's so nice in the park it's unbelievable. It's not as crowded as Central Park and people are way nicer. It really feels like a homey area. People say hello, talk to the dog, trees everywhere and you don't even know that you are in the city!

We're even close to the street and still there are no people and all that can be heard are birds!

Under a tree...

Mushie and her screamy pink leash. This was before she learnt "roll around"!

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