Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KILLER letter.

I just wrote a 4 page KILLER letter to the supreme court where you report attorneys that haven't treated you the right way. I'm so proud of myself. I wrote the letter Sunday and read it through today. I'm pretty good once I focus and write something, really. I think this might have been ne of the best letters I have written in my entire life!

I have a 1/2" stack of evidence papers to support my letter. Hell ya. My first attorney is going down. I hope that I in the end will be compensated for this. I never did anything wrong and I have my second attorney behind me.

Go Me!

Okidokit, time to continue to watch "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." I watched 40 minutes or so yesterday. Not as good as I expected. Have a little bit of "Titanic" feeling over it with the old lady. I don't know. Feels a little bit hello hollywood over the whole thing. Strong music in the background, lighting and Brad. Yeah hey hey.... Let's see how the rest of the movie will be.... At least I can say I saw the movie... Always a good conversation starter with various ppl here and there.

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