Friday, July 17, 2009

Me & my Netflix.

Omg, I'm addicted to my Netflix! For real! Finally had to see "He's just not that into you". As I saw an hour of it on the trip to Toronto I had to see the end. It was not that good. Sure, funny sometimes but the book is 300 times better. Oh well, at least I have seen this movie.

My co-worker and me are getting really great friends now. I feel a little bit sorry for her though. She's still stuck on this guy and well, let's just say that it's killing her. Therefor it's good to see movies like this so I can talk to her and well, good conversation thing with this girl. Today when she left the conversation went:
"Have a great weekend, Linda."
"Sure, you too. Remember what we talked about: Breath i, Breath out. Let go."
"Haha, I know." Laugh. "You're so funny. I will breath in, breath out, haha"

This Anthony guy by the way. He found me on the Facebook chat the day after he added me. Took my email and we're going to this new place on Lower East Side next week that I have wanted to go to for some time. It's so WEIRD. Me and this guy have the same restaurants and places to got to. He says a place and I know it. I say a place and he knows it. He has wanted to try this place too so well now I got someone that really want to go to that place to.

Also planning the kayaking thing with Kacy and Ronit. Let's see if it will happen. Apparently Ronit's friend Mary had tried it last summer and said that people organizing it for a certain place were bad. So I'm determined to find another place. They have a really cool place in Long Island City. Exciting!

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