Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From hit my head in my desk behaviour to super smile!

Oh this day. At work it was the SLOWEST ever. Both me and my co-worker thought we were going to pass out. It's so weird that when things are slow at work how much more tired you become than if it's busy... Isn't it weird?? Is it only me that has made this observation??

Most exciting thing of the day was that my boss was back in the office and said: "Oh the Canadian!" about me. That was about the funniest comment of the day...Says everything about this slow day.

What I hate the most when things get slow though and I don't keep myself occupied is that I start to think. My thoughts goes on HIGH SPEED, like a hamster in the hamster wheel. Then I get all these destructive thoughts if I'm tired, which I was today. I feel like time is flying away, I'm sitting there and I should be doing something productive but nothing can get done. Then I start thinking about my life and my thoughts goes even more destructive. This is when I should just get myself to tell myself STOP. Do I? No. Idiot. I think way too much about everything, for sure.

Then I got this missing feeling in my body that was just killing everything. Do I seriously need to miss someone that doesn't even care or miss me? And for the matter of fact never truly cared. Am I an idiot? What planet am I from? Planet Stupid? I have been here before with people but this time it's just bad. I so hate myself when I get that missing feeling. It's killing everything. The feeling is just horrible, but it's just to deal with it. I can't deal with it though when I'm not productive. How on earth do I get my head to snap out of this?! At that point I just felt like hitting my head in my desk with a LOUD noice and just tell myself: "Linda - you are an idiot!" Did I? No, because I'm a very nice and chatty person at work, always helpful and always smiling. Behaviours like this would kill my image and I probably would be stamped as "The crazy Swedish girl" for the rest of my working time there so I did not do any destructive behaviours like that even though I wanted to.

To spice up this dead day I meet up with Yean. Took a walk down to East Village and ate a 3 course dinner with Sangria at this supernice Spanish place. The people working there were horrible compared to the time before I was there. They have a dirt cheap deal though. $20 for everything and the place is just so nice. Discovered this place some moths ago and nothing beats this. For the price this is the place to go to.

Catched up with Yean. Talked about visas, surviving in NYC and various stuff. We're meeting up on Saturday for one of my planned adventures. Haha, I have a whole list of stuff I want to do and now it's all happening as I no longer have to deal with M that doesn't like exhibitions, parks, design, art, beaches, museums or weird adventures. So this will be my time to do everything that I have wanted to do for years! You will find me running up and around NY State! My list is long and it does not only include NYC. Hell ya! Adventure it is! I'm a killer project leader. Branching out too, that's the key to learn and grow! This will be good. I have recruited Yean and she seems to have the same interest of weird projects, haha.

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