Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love the weather!

Had an excellent day so far! Hanged out at Celina's place in the morning. Just talking, updating and just enjoying great company. Then we took a walk through a street market and I headed towards getting my haircut.

Oh my, getting a haircut was probably one fo the best things I have done in a long time. My hair feels amazing, it might have been the best cut ever! My hair feels so much thicker and the hairdresser completely understood what I was telling her that I wanted.

Took a walk through Astoria again and realized that they closed a lot of the restaurants around there. I was almost in shock that some places closed! I mean some of these places are just, no way, that they can't disappear. They are memories, they ARE Astoria for me. So weird. Every time I walk around there it's like I see history in every corner. The basketball court where me, Susanne and Steven used to practise basketball... I had a weird dream 5 years ago that I would be a basketball superstar and start playing at the cool basketball court in Chinatown, don't even ask how this happened. Therefore we bought the cheapest basketball we could find and I got those two to practise with me. Let's just say that my "career" in basketball lasted 2 weeks or so.... haha... Passed by several restaurants and places where we used to hang. Passed by the pool in Astoria Park where we used to go and hang and take a swim, me looking like the whitest person this planet ever seen. Passed by Sparrow and the Beergarden. Almost passed by one of the places where I lived in '04. Time runs so fast. So many places, so many people and so many memories....

Oh btw, I joined Netflix! As my intention was when I got a job was to pay for M's Netflix to make up for using his and that's not happening, I'm getting my own! Omg, this is amazing! I'm the queen of the queue! I can add whatever I want to add, without hearing anyone behind me: "OH NO, we are NOT watching that one!" Haha! So now I can watch whatever I want to watch. Yesterday I saw "The Visitor". So sad but so good. Immigration, loneliness, a man falling in love at his old age, music, drums, NYC and just finding something to fight for on this planet. I alsmost started crying when Walter brought the mother of one of the lead characters to go to see "Phatom of the Opera". For him it was just a Broadway play, for her it was the biggest dream ever. So cute and beautiful. Give without expecting anything back.

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