Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling sick...

I am not feeling good today. Felt like crap on the subway on the way back home. A bit passing out feeling.

Saw "Nine Lives" on my Netflix. It was pretty boring. Now I'm waiting for "Brokeback Mountain". It was supposed to be here today and it didn't show up. I'm disappointed. Where is it? I almost have to hunt down my landlord and ask them to open the general mailbox in hope that my movie is there! When I'm on a hunt I'm on a hunt! I want my movie!

Party time tomorrow. A book release for one of Kirsten's friends. Hopefully I feel normal tomorrow because today everything is just wrong with me. Such a drama day at work. Blah blah. I ask one thing, ok that day and another thing the other day. Today I reached the conclusion that I don't understand how this company can even get one garment done. It's unbelievable. Complete disorganization. Fine though, just not when I'm not feeling ok. Everything is spinning and I just want everything to be calm and I have a group of age 50+ people standing around the office going on and on and on and on about...... blah..... When I was on the way of wrapping up the day, of course the owner needs 4 catalogs ASAP. Don't people plan on this planet nowadays? Whatever. He said thank you twice after it was done and had a very awkward smile on his face. I just can't deal with stuff like this when I feel like I'm on the edge of passing out.

Ok, bedtime. I'm passing out. This is the time I really wish someone would just take care of me. Get me dinner in bed, fix and just make things better for a not feeling so well person. Oh well, can't have it all. God night.

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