Saturday, July 11, 2009


So Toronto. Basically I was the joke of the day, haha. I landed in Toronto around 1pm and sat outside the airport for like 15 minutes and then I went in to the departure and checked in to go back to NYC. The airline people where all confused:
"Eh why are you doing this?"
"Visa issues. I just needed to get out and in again, that's it."

Stood in line for about 1h and got a new white card in my passport. The person that helped me was super nice. She even fixed so my white card is valid to Oct. 30, 2012. She asked what I was doing:
"I'm a designer."
"Ah, nice to have you as a friend then."
I laughed several times, chatted along and said thank you. Evans, as her name was, in Canada at the border in Toronto, is the BEST ever!

On the airplane the flight attendant came up to me:
"Didn't you just fly with us...?"
"Yeah, I just had to fix my visa."
"Ah, ok."

Then I watched the middle of the movie "He's just not that into you." on the plane. Watched the beginning when I flew out. I have to get this movie now to see the end! I loved the book many years ago. Elizabeth, that used to hang out with me and Catrin at Sparrow many years ago told me to read this one after I was complaining about Chris. I was convinced that Chris was the superstar in my life, Chris didn't feel the same, haha. Pretty funny story, but anyway this book was the key to everything. Have a feeling that I went through some stocker tendencies back then, haha. Anyway, Catrin refused to read the book. She was completely into "Hatten" (The hat), haha and proabably already knew the answer. I gave the book to her a year later and she read it and said it was great.
It's seriously one of those books that should be mandatory for girls to read, no matter what - especially if you live in NYC. The movie started out pretty shitty but then became better. It's so true though what they take up. Ok, I need to find the movie in the next days to see the ending.

Ok, so conclusion of this is that the Toronto mission was successful. I'm HAPPY!

Hello Canada!

Manhattan in the middle and Brooklyn on the right side. Hello NYC a few hours later, haha.

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