Saturday, July 4, 2009

Long live Skype!

Skype is awesome! Long live Skype! Spent the last 1/2h with Emmily on the phone. It's amazing. We don't talk for several months, 1/2h on the phone and it's like time never pasted. I told her when I heard her story that I just wanted to walk into the computer and just come out of her screen and give her a BIG HUG! Stupid people, they exist everywhere. It's just a matter to stay away from them. Move on.

It's amazing those friendships that were created many, many years ago even before I moved abroad 8 years ago. They are so strong that it still fascinates me! So different lives but still the friendship is there. I so wish this never would go away and that we would maintain this forever.

I guess I wonder how it has been possible to maintain those friendship for so many years. Probably because we all are honest, straight up and know each other pretty well. Don't agree what someone says and you say it and no one doesn't really get offended. It's more, you said that, ok, your point of view. Might not be mine, but good to hear yours. I just love it. Also amazing how these people support me too. Never any jealousy or anything. That's real friendship. It just makes me smile.

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