Thursday, July 2, 2009

Talk about CIRCUS!

Oh my, the story continues. Today I felt a little bit like I was in that tv show "The Office". My boss keeps randomly calling for me. I was just going to ask her about the elastic in on of our bubble dresses. All of a sudden this question about the elastic had developed into a whole fitting with all our bubble dresses. Me, our sample maker and the technical designer was just standing there with faces saying it all: "Here we go again...." Pretty funny.

In the afternoon my boss all of a sudden had an interest in our tech packs that she has forgotten about for the past week. Bomber & Granater! All of a sudden everything that we decided a week ago was just not right. What? Here we go again........ In the end I was just standing there, looking around, looking at the technical designer, looking at the ceiling and just smiling. Okidoki. I only work there and that is all I do, nothing else. It's kind off entertaining though. Everything is a complete CIRCUS, like an episode from "The Office." Today I was also on a hunt to find my stapler and thought of that movie "Office Space" too, haha. Finally located the stapler and I could start stapling around. Stapling is very important for my boss. Me & the technical designer staple around everywhere, haha. Even told the technical designer: "Whatever you do, don't forget to staple ok!" After that anything involving stapling just put a smile on our faces. Never knew that I would connect with a Chinese woman in her 40's when I only understand 75% of what she says, hilarious.

My boss has also started to call me "Lin". I guess that's good that I'm now on the level of having a nick name, haha. I think I have charmed my boss. Yesterday I was talking to her about the road trip that my sister & her sambo organized for their kids and me many years ago, like 15 years ago. So when you read this sister, my boss now knows about you, our road trip to Italy for a month when we slept in the car, all your kids' name are and what you do. My boss seems very fascinated that I, little me, have made it to the other side of the planet, haha.

Ok, have to go and walk Mush. This dog. It's a bit like a stuffed animal. Slightly overweight and a bit confused. Would make an excellent doggie gf for Rufus. The would make a prefect couple together. Not really sure that M. has any interest of this info but yeah, I have found Rufus match. Not that Rufus is ever going to know that, but I thought it was funny.

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