Friday, July 24, 2009

Too much to do, not enough time.

So tired it's unbelievable. This week at work was seriously complete madness. I like the place I work for. I feel really comfortable of just being me and just doing my thing. Still the workload certain weeks are just crazy. Maybe it's not really the workload, it's the management. The owner says one thing, does another. Also he doesn't remember anything at all that people tell him or give him.

The party on Wednesday night at Tribeca Grand was ok. Before we went there I was working late and RUSHING out packages for one of our makers. Complete madness to rush that way. I hate it but when the owner wants something out it just has to get out. Finally I was able to leave the office and walked with my boss in the same direction. When we left the office we just had a huge argument with our production assistant/secretary. I was explaining the situation to my boss and then I got to the bar where I was meeting Kirsten outside, my boss was still with me and I introduced her to Kirsten. Some chatting and my boss is leaving and she says to Kirsten: "Make sure this one has some drinks, she needs it. Tough day." HAHA.
Kirsten was like:
"I cannot believe your boss just said that!" after my boss left.
"Oh yeah, today was the craziest day ever. Unbelievable!"

When we got inside Kirsten said: "Oh Anthony is here too!" Haha, talk about trying to set people up. We hang out at the bar for a while and then head to Tribeca. On the way to a German restaurant/bar to grab a bite. Kelly was in the middle of describing the sausages Anthony said: "But is there anything for Linda to eat there?" Since when did what I can eat become his concern and how on earth did he know that I'm partly vegetarian? For some reason he also knew that I went to Parsons and I asked how he knew that: "Oh Kelly said that." What? People talk about me?

Finally went to Tribeca Grand to the book release party. Of course Kirsten and Kelly disappear mysteriously after a while and it's me and this Anthony talking. He seems nice I guess. Very normal and into design. The nicest thing though was when I talked about how my work function and deadlines he really got it. Apparently he had worked as a graphic artist for 7 years before going into sales and he so knew expectations, design, changes and madness. If people haven't worked in that type of industry, they just don't get it.

Kirsten showed up again and everyone else were gone: "Linda, can I ask you a question?"
"Do you like Anthony? Because I think he really likes you."
"He seems nice."

How on earth did I make this impression? Me? Seriously? Wow. And he is normal! For real? It's as Emmily always tells me, it seems as if I always meet weird people everywhere.

So I guess the future will tell what will happen with this. I'm just doing my thing. Focusing on my job is top priority. So much to do for next week that it's unbelievable! Ok, no stress about that. It's weekend. So much other things I need to fix but I'm so tired and just want to do nothing. Think I have to watch another movie. Saw "Brokeback Mountain" yesterday. In the beginning of the movie it seemed kind off slow and then half way through I was hooked. Almost started crying in the end when Heath Ledger hugged the shirt of his dead lover. So sad! Unbelievably beautiful and sad and just magic of love. Mix of societies unwritten rules of stereotype relationships and people forced into getting a family with someone else even though they love each other but couldn't be together. This was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. So good, om my. Also never knew Anne Hathaway was in this movie. So weird to see her doing a role like that.

Ok, now I'm going to write a killer response to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee where I have reported my first attorney. Just realized that I have to do that asap. The bitch responded to them and they forwarded the response to me. LIAR! I was so mad last Sunday. SO MAD! She claims that we had so many hours of phone conversations about my visa and BLAH BLAH. I'm so printing out all my phone bills from entire 2009 to prove my point that I haven't had a single phone conversation with her. Therefore she doesn't have any evidence and she is screwed. The emails between me and her are just awful. Such an idiot. Talk about that she has shot herself in the foot or as my dad said: "Desperate people do stuff like that when they get pushed into a corner."
She is so not messing with me. She screwed with me. It cost me money, stress and time. So she is going down. Killer response it is to explain my side of the situation. War it is.

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