Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daugther/Father relationships....

Haha, I just came back from Target. Had to get some stuff so I took a walk over there. Successful mission but the funniest happened in the escalator. A man in his 30's was out walking with his kid and wife. The kid, around 7 years old is pissed, behaving ok but looked pissed at her dad and saying when she steped on the escalator:
"I don't like you!"
The dad responded: "I don't like you either but I still have to raise you until you are 18 years old. It's going to cost me 1000 of dollars. So you should like me."
The wife looked at her husband and says: "Please!"
They walked down the escalator and the dad started to touch the kid with his Target bag. Touching with the bag again and again. The kid looked annoyed.The wife looked at him again: "PLEASE!"

I mean was the dad the kid here or the kid? This touching with the bag is something my dad would had done. Actually my dad still does stuff like this. Poking people like me in the side and says: "Got ya!" So annoying. I so felt for this kid, haha.

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