Thursday, July 16, 2009

NYC by night

Ok, I have to tell myself: " Do NOT party on a Wednesday!"
It's 1 am in the morning and I have to wake up in 6h. I had a really great night. Went with Kirsten and Kelly to a beerbar in Brooklyn. Imperial Stout it is. Then their friend Anothiny joined. Went to a German bar and hey ho let's go.
I get a message when I'm on the way home: "I think Anthony is interested in seeing you again".
Yeah hello. Go online when I get back home and this Anthony guy has added me as a friend on facebook. The funniest thing though was when Kelly was promoting his friend: "You would like him. He's really nice, just broke up with his girlfriend. He has a really nice apartment and some really nice furniture.
'What? Furniture? What on earth has that to do with this?"
"He's really into design. He got furniture with cool design."
"Eh, ok."
"Girls like you who are into design like guys who are into design."

HAHA! Let's just say that the evening was awesome. Even Mushie hanged out with us. I LOVE this part of Brooklyn! Get the party started!

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