Saturday, July 4, 2009


Met up with Tina, Taylor, Ana, Elin and Johan to check out the 4th of July fireworks. We all SPEED walked from Astor Place to the west side. Finally reached the destination and got to see the final of the fireworks. A stupid building was right in the way but at least we saw it!

I'm still surprising myself though. My mood right now is up & down in my head, but still I'm so good damn HI HELLO all the time and always nice, talkative and a smile on my face. I was catching up with Taylor, got to know what Ana was doing in the city and just enjoying the company. I still got it. Where on earth have I been for the past year? Life is amazing! Get the party started, haha!

I seriously start to believe that me taking my job was one of the best things ever. I'm rebuilding myself to what I once used to be many, many years ago when I was actually super happy. Me at this new job is just so different from before, I feel it everywhere! Life is awesome. This job might not be my dream job but the feeling of just being appreciated and liked for just who I am, that's just a great start for rebuilding. I feel that this is taking over me & creating me and does that I just embrace myself 24/7 in being me, happy me. I might still be super stressed, but it's a more fun stress of working.

Anyway, now me & Mushie are eating mini carrots with dip. Mushie & me. I have reached the conclusion that me & Mushie have reached a great friendship. Now she even sleeps next to the couch all the time. Go Mushie!

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