Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello Canada!

So no Sweden coming up. I have to go to Canada basically and that's it. That's the outcome of today's approval notice for my visa. Hello Canada! Where should I go? Deadly boring to go on my own but Canada it is and then my visa is fixed. I just have to leave the country and go back in again.

I forgive my boss btw. She's pretty great. She's still deadly confused but she was super happy when she heard that my visa is fixed and that I just have to go to Canada. How on earth am I going to get to Canada btw? That's the next story to figure out....

I also seem to be entertaining my co-workers. My feet hurt due to that I walked to much with flip-flops this weekend. I was stretching/doing weird moves and my boss and the technical designer were looking at me holding back laughs:
"Linda, what on earth are you doing?"
"My feet hurt, I feel stiff. I walked to much in flip-flops this weekend."
"Well, that's an interesting way of fixing it... haha...."

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