Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting inspired!

So I have all these stuff I want to do. I'm starting a list of all stuff I wanted to do for years and never came around to do. It's time to get productive! First of all I want to go canoeing/kayaking at Hudson River. They have it for free several times a week. I have planned to go for many years and then I have just forgotten about it or been to lazy. I invited Kacy to join. She loves to do stuff like this. She always invite me to weird super ambitious adventures. Pretty sure I can get her and Ronit to join for river adventure!

Omg, I LOVE this! I used to be SUPER tired from my previous job but now I wake up at 8 am, even on weekends and just get like a Duracell bunny: "What to do?!" Haven't been like this for YEARS. This is how I used to be when I lived in Paris and Kacy still says: "Well, Linda you're the type of person I would expect had already seen EVERYTHING that can be seen, always out running around. Ronit is the same way. I'm just trying to get energy to do something, haha."
It's amazing that some people see me that way. It was so many years ago when I used to be super productive and 3 million projects, always on the go. I feel the energy is back though! Exciting! I think I'm going bananas though... I'm going to hunt down Maiko & her husband in San Fransisco to go visit. I feel it's time to see the West Coast, finally. It's project time and I'm the project leader, then stuff happens, haha.

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