Saturday, July 11, 2009


Biggest news right now on one of Sweden's biggest newspaper's website.... "Dansbandsveckan" is apparently to hit a record of people visiting. For real? This music is something my dad used to listen to in the car on his tape player like during the 80's. Tapes gotten for free from a gas station. The tapes I later stole to make mixtapes with and record varies interviews with people on festivals.

Click on the link above and look at the photo of these people, says it all.... I know, I'm horrible but it's just.... yikes.... If you haven't heard this before... listen, it's itchy.

This is a type of music that is popular in the country to dance to. It's listed under geeky music, for real.. at least for me. How on earth did this end up as news at the front page of this paper's website?? Wow... I'm so not a fan of this type of music. It makes me itch. I'm a bit entertained though. It's funny. Makes me think of my childhood. My dad, mom, Loket (The host), Bingolotto (a tv show with Bingo), special bingo markers and this type of music.... Oh wow, those were the days.. HAHA. I just got nostalgic. Talked to my mom & dad (and the dog), my grandma and Emmily on the phone today.

Comment of the MONTH, my grandma stands for:
"Well, you know I was telling your parents that I was happy that this visa worked out. Obviously what is the most important is that this is something Linda really wanted and that's what really counts. I have always thought that."
FOR REAL? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? When I talked to my parents they said that my grandma thinks that she will not be alive by the time I decide, if ever, to move back to my home country. I don't even know what to say... You can't live your life through your kids & grandchildren maybe? This lady, we have a rough history. Didn't speak for a long time due that I wanted to be a fashion designer, move abroad and not become a doctor or an attorney. This was at least the most impressive and supportive comment she EVER said. Even my mom had heard something similar and she said that my grandma seems to become more "modern". Is someone pulling a really bad joke on me here? I cannot believe! Honestly, I'm in shock by hearing a comment like this. I have a feeling she has something behind this though, as always. She is not stupid and we know it all.

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