Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Drama, drama, drama!

SUPER eventful day. Oh my, that's all I'm saying about this. Let's just say that Americans that never dealt with Immigration or visas at all think they are DANGEROUS and that I got a horrible DISEASE. To put it short, the owner of the company wants me to fly to Canada the minute I get the actual original of the visa approval in my hand. So hello Toronto tomorrow or Thursday........ No Vancouver.

Need to get this done ASAP, no question. Otherwise I simply have to start looking for another employment. He thinks I'm so dangerous due to my visa status (what?) that I should had liked jumped out of the office asap. Talk about freaking out 3 months too late! The good damn thing is DONE! I even offered that he could call me intern, still he though I had a disease.

To have the attorney explain the situation to him was both good and bad. Let's just say that I felt like I was dealing with a little brother of age 5 years, not using his ears. What's up with all these owners never standing still for 2 sec?? Just running, walking, running, walking.... I just wanted to scream: "STAND STILL FOR 5 MINUTES! WHERE ARE YOU RUNNING? CALM DOWN!" He's always running even though he got nothing to run for! Bananas ppl.
There was nothing to NOT be calm about. He just got facts, from my attorney and he started running like a hamster in the wheel. Not kidding. He ran AROUND the room, again and again. Do I have a job or did I join an episode of the show "The Office"? Seriously? At the same time my boss doesn't know how to restart her computer when the server crashed and a co-worker that is still talking about the last guy she was dating & her dream to have a real vacation. What have I done to this planet today?! ARGH!

Thanks & Good Night Earth, I'm checking out.

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