Thursday, September 17, 2009

What just happened?

Seriously today is THE DAY. For real. We had a meeting around 5pm with the design team and the owner of the company. Talked about about how the company is growing and how design is going to work going forward. All of a sudden the owner says this:
"It went very well with the meeting the other day with ******* and this is a very exciting time for the company.... blah blah blah..... " Going on about the company and then focusing in on me:
"I was also very excited when I hired you Linda. You took this position and I know you had some great things in your portfolio and I was impressed with your resume. Still you took this position as a technical designer but now as the company is growing and I know you have some great ideas there is space for growth. I mean we got the ******** line now and if that works out we will need a designer. All I want to say is that for all work there will be coming something back in the future."

WHAT?! He said this in front of the whole design team which is just my boss and 3 of my co-workers but still. I mean there are people that have worked with design for 20+ years in that room. Even my boss gave me a smile and her eyebrows where up high.

Conclusion: For everything that is going down at a time it will go up and now is my time.

I'm just smiling and I have been doing so for the past hours. I am no longer stuck with just doing tech packs on my own. Now everyone is going to do it. Great!!! YAY!

Also realizing that my old boss where I worked before is a damn bitch. All those years of her BULLSHIT, may she burn in hell - seriously. It was just SHE that didn't like me and that was the problem all along. Now I'm in an environment where I'm actually liked for who I am. This is how life should be.

GO ME! Should I also add that the owner called me expert of tech pack skills? HAHA. All those years of slaving away where I worked before, all that shit paid off. In a way I guess I owe my old boss for scaring the shit out of her employees if they ever screwed up those tech packs. She even fired one girl for forgetting to add lining on a pair of pants and accused her of not being educated enough because of the missing lining. Idiot. So unprofessional. Anyway, I learnt my first 3 weeks when she yelled at me in front of 10 ppl that you NEVER screw up her tech packs and that still sits in the pack of my spine. Those skills and experience I brought with me and ta-da, things are happening.

This is so my day!

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