Friday, September 4, 2009

Get the party started!

Great, great, great evening in Williamsburg! Tina organized a dinner for me, Aggla, Sophie, her roommate David and David's sister Jessie. The evening really developed to a great night after a huge spinach lasagna, salad, 3 bottles of wine and an outing at Daddy's in Williamsburg!

I was so comfortable tonight with myself. So talkative, made new contacts and just enjoyed the evening. Me and Sophie are going to try to get to the beergarden in Queens. Really nice to see Aggla again. Had some really great talks with David. Tina had brought some great stuff from Sweden to me.

I LOVE evenings like this! This is what life is about at it's best. Talking, laughing, some drinks, nice weather, great food and just enjoying every minute with wonderful people. Everyone accept everyone and just enjoying the moment. No one judging or gettting offended. Just be what you are and that's more than fine. Can I have every evenings like this every day please?

On nights like this I know that life will be ok no matter what. It's just a matter of just never giving up. Might be sad over everything right now, but that's just life.

Some weird black guy also tried to pick me up on the bus. "You're so beautiful, I really want you to know that." Yeah, yeah , yeah - whatever. "Can I see you again?" That's when I was just: "Nice to meet you, good luck with your English." Why on earth are there always weirdo ppl trying to pick you up? Why can't they be like the subway guy I meet last week. I mean really, if subway guy from last week would ask: 'Could I see you again?" I would like JUMP up and down and say YES! This weirdo, I don't think so.

Bedtime. It's 1 am in the morning. I was not supposed to stay up this long but well, great evenings can't just not be left like that. I think I love life right now! Get the party started with NICE people!

Oh! This was really my day. I started out the morning with running into Rennie. We were in the same class at Parsons 5 years ago. I was walking over the street and I see this guy stanidn next to me and I touch his arm and go:
" I know you!"
" Oh, hi Linda!"
Haven't seen Rennie for years! Apparently he is married since last year and asked me if I was married. Slightly scary though, haha. He is still working at the same place but is plainning on leaving and has set up his own company.
It's really weird. All these people from over the years. I never would had expected Rennie to get somwhere. He was this guy in the class that arrived AFTER the class was over in school, maybe 5 minutes before it ended. That Parsons had a rule that if you missed more that 3 classes you could no pass, was none of Rennie's concern. He always told the teacher when she asked why he was late and whre he had been, with hs broken Korean Enlish: "At home, working."
He designed mostly in black and had crazy back grounds to his illustrations. I was his model for the Junior Show and walked down the runway in his outfit. Solong time ago. It almost feels liek another life.

Ok, enough, bedtime. I will be DEAD tomorrow.

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